The intrusion of tree roots into a drain pipe could cause a serious blockage and even cause drains to collapse. Through drain jetting using a Root Cutter carrying out root removal or Drain Excavation Elite Pipeline Services can take care of the problem with an emergency response when needed. Roots can be cut from the drain using Root Cutting equipment powered by high pressure water. Once we have cut out the intruding roots we can also re-line the affected piece of pipe to guarantee no further damage from tree roots and plants in that area.

Line After Root Cut
Line After Root Cut

Tree roots search out sources of water, the fine filaments of root can easily grow in to the joints of your drainage system. As the roots continue to grow the joint fails, which can lead to infiltration of your system by surface water and the loss of carrying capacity in your drain as the roots expand in to the space. Blockages and surcharging can then occur. Ultimately roots can cause the fracture of the drains.

Cutting of the roots can temporarily re-establish carrying capacity but roots will always grow back in to the voids created by the earlier root invasion. We re-line or relay affected sewers to stop the problem recurring.

If you want to plant some trees near your drainage system remember that tree roots tend to grow towards sources of water such as drains and sewer pipes. If you are landscaping near sewers you can save yourself future problems and money by choosing trees with deep root systems.

Try to dig a hole deep enough to get below heavy clay soils. If the hole is too shallow the tree’s roots will spread horizontally. The tree won’t be healthy, and neither will your sewer system.

Buildings insurance should cover root intrusion, provided you already had the insurance in place before the damage occurred.