Homebuyers Drain Survey?

Remember, after you have settled contracts, you are responsible for all Private Lateral Drains on the property. Is everything as it seems below ground? There are many reasons why someone would require a drainage survey. It may be because you are buying a new house and the surveyor believes there might be an issue with the drains or the property has a history of blockages/problems. It may only be connected to a Cesspit / Septic Tank within your grounds.

You may be thinking of building an extension on your home and need to find the correct existing drainage system nearest to your property to connect to. You maybe building over or near any existing Sewer and Welsh Water DCWW will insist on this type of Drain Survey. You may have recurring blockages and need to find out why this is happening. The house you are buying has had an extension and you want to check all the sewer lines below ground are in a safe and good working order. These are all very good reasons to check the pipes below your house and all for a very low cost. Imagine the cost of finding out things were wrong after you have bought the house for the agreed price! It surely would be a wise decision to have a Survey done before you spend all that money on your new house. Remember, after the sale, you are responsible for all Private Lateral Drains on your property.

Homebuyers Drain Survey and Full Report
Since the 1st of June 2007, homes in England and Wales needed to arrange a home information pack (HIP) for their homes before it is put up for sale. A drainage survey can be included in this report. Elite Pipeline Services can provide a fully comprehensive Report, including recommendations and quotations for remedial work if required. A drain camera survey can give you the power to negotiate the sale price of the property, especially if remedial work is required. Along with the hard copy report the client receives video footage on DVD of the drainage system on the property you intend to purchase.

For a small fee Elite Pipeline Services can visit your site and carry out a drain camera survey with no mess or fuss. We use the latest in drain surveying technology with our state of the art cameras and WincanVX software. As preferred by local water authorities. We can complete video footage on site and the survey Report, with recommendations and quotations for any remedial work required, can be produced within 24 hours.

As time goes on, drains and sewers can deteriorate leading to possible structural problems. The cause for this deterioration can be for a variety of different reasons from ground movement to Roots or poor construction. Once problems arise, it is vital to know exactly where they are and how it is best fixed.

What can CCTV reveal ?

Fractured pipes – Imagine from above, a heavy vehicle driving over the ground, this can cause cracks and fractures in your drainage pipes. Untreated, these fractures will leak sewage into the ground which could cause subsidence to the property or the fractures could prevent good flow of waste causing blockages.

Collapsed drains – Can be caused by the drains being poorly constructed in the first place or a variety of other reasons from ground movement large tree roots pushing on to and into the pipes. If left, not only are blockages likely, but subsidence and environmental damage is possible.

Tree roots – Roots seek out moisture so they can find their way through existing defects in the drainage system. Once the tree roots have entered the drain, other material will get caught in them, making blockages far more likely and frequent. A drain camera survey can spot these issues early and prevent these issues becoming costly to the property owner.

Once the CCTV camera survey has been completed for the drainage or pipework system, Elite Pipeline Services can complete a full report using Wincan VX software as recognised by local water authorities, making recommendations and quotations on the most cost effective remedial works, or where necessary the replacement of the pipe, this can include “Trenchless, No-Dig” technology. Whether sewer cleansing, pipe lining/patching, root cutting or open-trench excavation is required we can recommend the best solution and complete the remedial works professionally, in a cost effective and timely manner.

The survey can be emailed to the client upon completion to save time but it can also be copied to DVD and sent by post.

Elite Pipeline Services uses the latest technology for completing CCTV camera drainage and pipe surveys using either motorised which are capable of surveying from 150mm to 1500mm diameter pipes or a push rod camera which is capable of surveying 100mm to 150mm pipes.

CCTV Surveys are also used for Build-Over Surveys (when building an extension over existing drainage on your home) or for a Home Buyers Report (to assess the quality of the drainage in the home you intend to buy).

We will carry out a Drain Camera Survey at / Cardiff / Bridgend / Barry / Penarth / Swansea / Newport / Llanelli / Porthcawl / Cowbridge / Neath / Llantrisant / Merthyr / Pontypridd / Abergavenny / Hereford and all other areas of South Wales