What is Underground? A Build Over Survey will help you Find Out

If you are building an extension to your home it a pre-requisite, outlined by Welsh Water – DCWW to have a Build-over Survey. It is necessary to ensure the best place for connection and manholes aswell as the current condition of the public sewer on your property.

You must carry out a Build over Survey if there is a sewer below or near, within 3m of any extension walls or footings that you are planning. So, when digging out the footings for your new build all sorts of things can happen – movement or damage of the existing drainage system or public sewer. You may even already have a problem without knowing about it. Build Over Survey offers peace of mind as no-one needs to find out their drains are faulty after a new building project has been completed. 

Homebuyers’ Survey Report

As from the 1st of June 2007, homes in England and Wales needed to arrange a Home Information Pack (HIP) for their homes before it is put up for sale. A drainage survey may be in this report. Elite Pipeline Services can provide a full comprehensive written hard copy Survey Report and DVD with all footage and recommendations. Quotations for remedial work, if required, can also be supplied. A full drain camera survey can help you re-negotiate the sale price of the property, especially if remedial work is required. Along with the hard copy report the client receives video footage on DVD of the drainage system on the property you intend to purchase.