Repair Drain Pipes Without Digging up your driveway, patio or lawn!

If you have a broken, cracked, displaced pipe or even a large open joint it does not necessarily mean you need to have you nice patio or lawn dug up to get to the pipe to fix the problem. We are now able to make repairs from within the pipe thanks to No Dig Technology using a Pipe Doctor Repair Patch!

We use the Source One Environmental Pipe Doctor Kit which is a high performance no dig pipe patch repair solution that provides a quick and easy to use method of repairing damaged drainage and sewerage pipe systems. The Pipe Doctor is installed internally and eradicates the need for costly, disruptive and time consuming excavation work therefore enabling both vehicle and pedestrian traffic to move freely without realising drainage and sewer work is being carried out underground.

The Source One Environmental Pipe Doctor is an innovative format that offers considerable benefits to the customer.

  1. Quick and easy to use no dig pipe patch application (No disruption)
  2. Permanent and watertight pipe repair
  3. Environmentally and Ecologically friendly
  4. Tested to WRc (Water Research Centre) European and International  Standards. This product is used all over the World.
  5. Complements drain inspection and cleaning equipment
  6. Reduces site wastage
  7. The Source One Environmental Pipe Doctor has a guarantee of 10 years for the materials. The projected life span is 50 years!
  8. Able to patch over a defect on 90 degree bendS
  9. Repair damaged pipes of between 100mm – 1500mm diameter
  10. Excellent bonding to most pipe materials including UPVC, clay, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, pitch fibre and asbestos cement
  11. Can be applied to Cracked pipes, Fractured pipes damaged pipes due to corrosion, displaced joints, tree root ingress and ground movement.