Re-Lining Drainage Systems

When a pipe becomes broken, displaced or cracked it can cause loss of fluids into the ground from the pipe, root penetration or even a collapse. The simplest and most cost effective way of repair is to insert a polyester resin-based felt liner or patch repair. We are able to carry out liner installation between 100mm – 1500mm in diameter.

Applications of each type of installation can sometimes be restricted and peoples opinions on damaged pipes differ, therefore we always carry out a drain camera survey to assess the damage before any fitting.

New Drain Liner

An established and proven method of repair within an existing damaged pipe, while causing minimal disruption, is Drain Re-Lining. Elite Pipeline Services Ltd only uses the latest drain lining technologies approved by the Water Research Centre (WRc) that speeds up the repair work and minimizes disruption and mess and any need for excavation of your property.

We insert a waterproof plastic lining along the length of the drain, ensuring it is waterproof and giving it more resistance to future damage.

drainage relining The Resin lining is fitted tightly against the sides of the existing drain and is only 3mm thick. This is a more resilient and robust material than those used originally and does not rely at all on the original drain for its strength.

The linings smoothness ensures a better flow through the drain. Drain lining requires little or no digging. We use the latest materials, which are very resistant to damage.  They will follow bends in the drain without wrinkling and will precisely follow changes in the diameter of the drain.