We Unblock Drains

If you are unfortunate enough to have a blocked drain, then don’t worry, it can always be fixed by a visit from us. We have a number of methods i.e. High Pressure Jetting, Rodding, Plunging, etc. available as our vans are equipped to do and our operatives are fully accredited. So one visit from us will usually sort things out! There is always a reason why a Drain blocks!

Elite Pipeline Services always find the cheapest and most effective way to solve the problem for you. Blocked drains are obviously not very pleasant and need to be fixed immediately. If your drain blocks often we advise the customer to consider to have a CCTV Drain Survey to find out what has caused the problem i.e. Tree Roots, Cracked or Broken Pipe, Displaced Joints or even a Collapsed Pipe. If you think your drain is blocked call us now on 07853 262 494 for a quick, affordable and efficient service.

How do I know if my drain is blocked?

If your drain is blocked you will usually notice that your waste will stop going away and the pan will fill up when you flush the toilet or it will go away slowly. Other appliances like the sink or shower/bath on the same branch in the bathroom might bubble or gurgle as you flush the toilet. Your gullies outside will overflow. There will also probably be a smell. Drains or Sewers on your property are not always the responsibility of the owner-occupier of the property but sometimes they are the responsibility of the local water undertaker.

Drains may block because they are in poor physical condition and normal waste is not being cleared. They may be in satisfactory condition but have been abused by flushing away Wet Wipes, Nappies, Kitchen Towel, or other items such as plastic bags that should never be placed into the sewerage system. Excessive disposal of cooking fats and oils, along with other domestic products like soaps and DIY materials such as cement, sand and plaster can cause blockage of the pipework. Tree roots entering a broken drain or through a ineffective pipe joint can also be a problem.

If you have a blocked drain?

Call 07853 262 494 now! We will visit your property to assess the best course of action and unblock your drain. We can also put our camera down to see what the problem was and give advice as to why you had the blockage and how to avoid further problems.

Blocked drains and other drain emergencies can occur at the most inappropriate times. Dealing with blocked drains can be extremely stressful for the property holder. Do not leave blocked drains to the amateurs, for the best service call Elite Pipeline Services.

Our homes and businesses have built in drainage systems to ensure that we have clean, healthy places to both live and work in. However, since these pipes and drains are tucked away out of sight, most of us tend to forget about them. The only time we take any notice of them is when they block! Drains cause a backup of water or sewage that have the potential to cause damage to our property or disrupt our daily lives. Every property owner should understand what causes a blocked drain and what they can do to prevent this problem from occurring.